Accepted entries for procedures so far (n=100; 29 August 2014)

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     Novaco RW & Renwick SJ (2009) Anger Management: Accepted entry in


     Allen JG, Bateman AW, Fonagy P (2009) Mentalizing, Promotion of: Accepted entry in


Acceptance, promoting of  -  John T BLACKLEDGE 

ACT: see ‘Acceptance'; ‘Cognitive defusion'; Self as context'; Values exploration and construction'

Anger management  -  Raymond W NOVACO / Stanley J RENWICK 

Applied relaxation  -  Peter FISHER 

Assertiveness training  -  Isaac MARKS / Stefania BORGO / Lucio SIBILIA 

Attention training (AT)  -  Adrian WELLS 

Becoming the other  -  Maryhelen SNYDER  

Behavioral activation  -  Carl W LEJUEZ 

Cognitive defusion  -  John T BLACKLEDGE 

Cognitive interpersonal therapy for trauma  -  Claudia MORROW 

Cognitive restructuring  -  Isaac MARKS / Stefania BORGO / Lucio SIBILIA 

Committed action  -  Raimo LAPPALAINEN 

Community reinforcement approach (CRA)  -  Hendrik G ROOZEN / Ad JFM KERKHOF 

Compassion-focused therapy  -  Paul GILBERT 

Computer-aided vicarious exposure (CAVE)  -  Ken KIRKBY 

Constructivist therapy  -  Tamie RONEN 

Cool kids program  -  Ronald M RAPEE 

Coping cat treatment  -  Philip C KENDALL / Muniya KHANNA 

Countertransference, use of  -  Jeremy HOLMES 

Couple therapy  -  Sarah WEUSTHOFF / Kurt HAHLWEG 

Danger ideation reduction therapy (DIRT)  -  Mairwen JONES / Ross G Menzies 

Decisional balance  -  Katherine M DISKIN / David C HODGINS 

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)  -  Maggie STANTON 

Downward/upward arrow  -  Irismar Reis de OLIVEIRA 

Dream interpretation  -  Jacques MONTANGERO 

Empathy dots, use of  -  David RICHARDS / Karina LOVELL 

Evoked response arousal plus sensitization  -  Douglas H RUBEN 

Experiment  -  Hal ARKOWITZ 

Exposure, interoceptive (to internal cues)  -  Kamila S WHITE / Shawnee L BASDEN / David H BARLOW 

Exposure, live (in-vivo, live desensitization)  -  Georg W ALPERS 

Expressed empathy  -  Lynne ANGUS / Helen MACAULAY 

Expressive writing therapy  -  James W PENNEBAKER 

Family focused grief therapy  -  David William KISSANE 

Family work for schizophrenia  -  Julian LEFF 

Fixed-role therapy  -  David WINTER 

Free association  -  Leon HOFFMAN 

Grief management: see ‘Guided mourning'; ‘Family focused grief therapy'; Prolonged grief therapy'

Guided imagery  -  Stefania BORGO 

Guided mourning  -  Colin Murray PARKES 

Habit reversal  -  Gregory S CHASSON / Sabine WILHELM 

Harm reduction  -  Diane E LOGAN / Alan MARLATT 

Homework Assignments  -  Nikolaos KAZANTZIS / Alexandra M PETRIK / Amy CUMMINS 

Humour therapy  -  Roberto PICOZZI 

Hypnosis  -  Lucia Rosa CANTAFIO 

Imagery rehearsal therapy of nightmares  -  Lucio SIBILIA 

Imagery rescripting therapy  -  Mervin R SMUCKER 

Imago relationship therapy  -  Sam LISON 

Inflated responsibility, reducing  -  Adam S RADOMSKY 

Internalized-other interviewing  -  Karl TOMM 

Internet-based therapy  -  Georg W ALPERS / Andrew J WINZELBERG / C Barr TAYLOR 

Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)  -  Bridget BAILEY 

Interpreting defenses against unpleasant feelings  -  Leon HOFFMAN 

Life-review (reminiscence) therapy  -  Ernst BOHLMEIJER 

Linking current, past and transference relationships (triangle of person)  -  Jeremy HOLMES 

Mentalizing, promotion of  -  Jon G ALLEN / Anthony W Bateman / Peter FONAGY 

Metacognitive therapy (MCT)  -  Michael SIMONS / B HERPERTZ-DAHLMANN / Sylvia SCHNEIDER 

Metaphor, use of  -  Jeremy HOLMES 

Method of levels (MOL)  -  Tim CAREY / Warren MANSELL 

MINDLAB SET coping skills training -  Tullio SCRIMALI 

Mindfulness training  -  Alistair SMITH 

Modelling  -  Stefania BORGO / Lucio SIBILIA / Isaac MARKS 

Morita therapy  -  Kei NAKAMURA 

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)  -  David C HODGINS / Katherine M DISKIN 

Motivational interviewing (MI)  -  Hal ARKOWITZ 

Narrative exposure  -  Frank NEUNER / Maggie SCHAUER / T ELBERT 

Nidotherapy  -  Peter TYRER 

Paradox  -  Lucia Rosa CANTAFIO 

Placebo therapy  -  Stefania BORGO 

Problem-solving therapy (PST)  -  Arthur M NEZU / Christine M NEZU / Thomas J D’ZURILLA 

Prolonged exposure counterconditioning  -  Nenad PAUNOVIC 

Prolonged-grief therapy  -  Colin Murray PARKES 

Promoting resilience (social/emotional competence) in young children  -  Paula BARRETT / Kristine PAHL 

Psychodrama  -  Adam BLATNER 

Puppet play preparing children for surgery  -  Eftychia ATHANASSIADOU / Stelios CHRISTOGIORGOS / Gerasimos KOLAITIS / John TSIANTIS 

Reciprocal role procedures, describing & changing  -  Anthony RYLE 

Repairing rupture  -  Jeremy D SAFRAN 

Repertory grid technique  -  David WINTER 

Ritual (response) prevention  -  Brian PILECKI / Dean McKAY 

Schema focussed emotive behavior therapy (SET)  -  Peter ZORN 

Self as context  -  John T BLACKLEDGE 

Self-control skills training  -  Michael ROSENBAUM / Tammie RONEN 

Self-praise training  -  Douglas H RUBEN 

Semantic satiation (verbal repetition)  -  Chris WATSON / Christine PURDON / Madelaine C BURLEY 

Sibling fighting-reduction training  -  Douglas H RUBEN 

Skills-directed therapy (SDT)  -  Tammie RONEN / Michael ROSENBAUM 

Socratic questioning  -  Keith S DOBSON 

Solution-focused questioning / brief therapy  -  Kirstine POSTMA / Nasa Sanjay Kumar RAO 

Speech restructuring therapy  -  Mark ONSLOW / Ross MENZIES 

Stimulus control of worry  -  Rowland FOLENSBEE / Thomas D BORKOVEC 

Task concentration training (TCT)  -  Susan M BÖGELS 

Time-boundary setting and interpreting  -  Jeremy HOLMES 

Time-in management  -  Douglas H RUBEN 

Token economy  -  Isaac MARKS 

Transference interpretation  -  Tirril HARRIS 

Trial-based cognitive therapy  -  Irismar Reis de OLIVEIRA 

Trial-based thought record  -  Irismar Reis de OLIVEIRA 

Triple P Positive Parenting Program  -  Matthew R SANDERS 

Two-chair technique  -  Leslie S GREENBERG 

Urotherapy (Bladder training for enuresis)  -  Ingunn LØKSTAD SALVESEN 

Validation of feelings  -  Rosario ESPOSITO 

Values exploration and construction  -  John T BLACKLEDGE 

Well-being therapy (WBT)  -  Giovanni FAVA 

Common Language for Psychotherapy (CLP) procedures